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Our Blue Pearl Gallery has a range of beautiful jewellery for you to choose from:
New Zealand Blue Pearls
Tahitian Black Pearls
Akoya White Pearls
New Zealand greenstone and whalebone carved by NZ artist, Malcolm Hooper
Baltic amber jewellery
Selection of our handmade diamond rings


New Zealand Blue Pearls

New Zealand Blue Pearls are a pure product produced only in New Zealand.
Despite great efforts and research by other pearl producers worldwide, the type of abalone that can produce this kind of pearl only exists in New Zealand waters. It doesn’t survive in the waters of other countries.
In 1890, it was first attempted to use abalone—or “paua” as it’s known in New Zealand--to grow blue pearls, but the attempt was unsuccessful due to a lack of scientific research.

In 1986, thanks to scientific advances and the unstoppable Kiwi spirit, blue pearls finally appeared on the market.
In 2000, Eyris® Blue Pearls wowed New Zealanders and tourists alike when they first entered the market, and this is the company we are fortunate to cooperate with. Since we also have our own jewellery shop and workshop, we set the blue pearls in beautiful handmade settings and then exhibit the finished product in our new Gallery in Akaroa.
Cultured abalone mabe pearls have also been successfully grown in Australia and California using their own native abalone, but the colours of the pearls produced were not considered attractive enough for jewellery production.

There are currently three to four Eyris® Blue Pearl farms in New Zealand and they can ONLY produce a maximum of 10,000 pearls each year. After a strict selection process, only 1,000 of these 10,000 are good enough to be called Eyris® Blue Pearls. The remaining 9,000 fall under the category of Pacific Blue Pearls. We set our Eyris® Blue Pearls in 18ct gold, titanium or platinum and the Pacific Blue Pearls in sterling silver or 14ct gold.

All our pearls come with a Certificate of Authenticity, but each Eyris® Blue Pearl has a special number written both on its Certificate and also engraved on the back of its setting. This number is there for identification and insurance, as well as matching purposes; you can match the Eyris® Blue pendant that you buy from us with earrings, or vice-versa, at a later time.

Every Eyris® Blue Pearl and Pacific Blue Pearl is unique because of its eye-catching color. Some of our Blue Pearls are a deep blue, others a shiny green, some have splashes of pink or violet while others exhibit all the colours of the rainbow.
Remember, no two Blue Pearls are the same, so if you see one you like, make it yours today!


New Zealand Greenstone and Whalebone

Malcolm Hooper is considered to be in the top 30 carvers in New Zealand, so we feel lucky to have his work. Every carving is unique, and Malcolm carves when inspiration strikes him--sorry no orders; he makes what he feels like!
The upside is that one of Malcolm's carvings is really exclusive: no one else in the world will have one like it.



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