Pearl Care

As with all pearls, to preserve the beauty of the gem, we strongly recommend the following care guidelines:

Pearls are softer than other gems and so proper care is essential. Store your pearl jewellery separately to avoid scratching the surface against harder gems. Also, make sure that the back of your zipper doesn't touch your pearl when you zip up your jacket.

Take your pearls off before you shower.

Avoid leaving your pearls in intense sunlight for prolonged periods.

As a rule, put pearls on last when dressing and first off when undressing. Pearls can be damaged by hairspray, perfume, make-up and chemicals in general. Take special care not to expose pearl dress rings to household chemicals and acidic based foods.

Wear your pearl jewellery carefully and avoid pearls rubbing against abrasive fabrics and objects.

Wipe your pearl gently with a clean cloth before putting it away.

Occasionally clean your pearls gently with a soft moist cloth. Dry them with a soft cloth.

If your pearl is set in sterling silver, use a silver cloth to clean the silver setting around the pearl, not silver dip.

“Remember that your pearl is a natural gem. With special care it will reward you with many years of pleasure.”

Roger Beattie
Managing Director
Eyris Blue Pearl Company

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